All calves need clean fresh water daily, especially during hot weather. Remember to keep water pails clean, too. While managing calves Leadley set up a five-day rotation to wash 20 percent of the water pails every day. That strategy eliminated the persistent problems with molds and algae that love to grow in warm water. In hot climates using white pails may help keep water temperatures lower as well.

To encourage water intake for young calves, make sure to feed water close to the calf’s body temperature. Another thing to keep in mind is if you are bottle-feeding young calves, offering water in a pail might not be enough. You may need to offer a bottle of water until the calf can find the water pail, notes Leadley.

If it is difficult to keep free-choice water supplies one option is to increase the water pail size, go from a five to 10 quart pail. For your oldest calves try switching to five-gallon pails during the hot weather months.