The ability to deliver a consistent, high-quality ration is dependent on the quality and consistency of incoming feeds. Keeping quality-control programs in place for all incoming feedstuffs is part of a management system that embraces dairy beef quality assurance.

The Dairy Animal Care and Quality Assurance (DACQA) program offers these guidelines for feedstuff quality control:

  • Maintain records of any pesticide or herbicide used on pasture or crops that could potentially lead to residue violations in cattle.
  • Assure adequate quality control program(s) are in place for all incoming feedstuffs. Program(s) should be designed to eliminate contamination from molds, mycotoxins or chemicals. Supplier assurance of feed ingredient quality is recommended.
  • Suspect feedstuffs should be analyzed prior to use.
  • Protein sources derived from mammalian tissue cannot be fed as stipulated by Food and Drug Administration regulations.
  • Feeding byproduct ingredients should be supported with sound science.

DACQA is a voluntary, national certification program intended to enhance and demonstrate quality animal care practices, which assure food safety, quality and value as well as enhance consumer confidence in the milk and beef products that are harvested from cattle on America’s dairy farms.