Newborn calves at 3-D Dairy in Malone, Wis., are housed in individual pens in the dairy’s new calf facility for 10 days before heading to the dairy’s computerized calf-feeder pens. This enables co-owner Linda Diederichs and her staff to make sure calves get plenty of individual attention and are off to a good start before they enter a group setting. “I like to get them started in the individual pens,” Diederichs says.

However, to make sure calves are moved at appropriate times, she clips colored 3-inch x 5-inch note cards to the top of each pen (and out of chewing range) with calf birth dates and the date 10 days from birth, so they are moved at the right time. The dairy uses different colors for each group of calves so they know calf status at a glance.