Free online decision-making tools developed by University of Wisconsin-Extension specialists are available at to help dairy producers improve profitability and sustainability.

The tools cover many important aspects of farm management including: feeding, heifers, reproduction, production, replacement, finances, environment, and price risk. The tools can help producers make decisions such as whether or not they should expand their operation. For example the “Decision Support System Program for Dairy Production and Expansion” tool forecasts changes in herd structures; predicts heifer growth, tracks cow movement and cash flow, and more to help the producer decide if expansion is a viable option.

UW-Madison Dairy Science professor and Extension Specialist Dr. Victor Cabrera created the tools with the help of students and colleagues and all of information is based on scientific research. These tools range from very simple to complex and are available directly on the Web or as download in Microsoft Excel programs. Each tool comes with video demonstrations, instructions of use, and documentation on the topic. All programs are user-friendly and as simple as entering farm data into input boxes and clicking a button that makes the calculations. They also come with technical support, including help from Cabrera.
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