The benefits of preventative respiratory disease treatment

How might preventative treatment of respiratory disease at weaning affect the long-term health and performance of dairy heifers? Results of a recent study published in the Journal of Dairy Science provide some clues. FULL STORY »

New way to measure body temperature

Measuring calves temperature in the tail skin has been found to be just as accurate as rectal temping. FULL STORY »

Develop a BVD control plan Play video

Knowing the status of your herd and controlling exposure is key to eliminating bovine viral diarrhea on your operation. FULL STORY »

Are you catching and treating dehydration soon enough?

Recognizing and treating dehydration is key to raising healthy calves. Calves will become dehydrated for many reasons, including summer heat and scours. If you can catch dehydration early, supplemental fluids can get the calf on the road to a quicker recovery. FULL STORY »

Navel dipping: Are you putting calves at risk?

Every minute a calf’s navel goes without dipping puts it at risk for many ailments. FULL STORY »

Newborn calf care: Get past a rough start

Problematic calvings may result in calves developing respiratory acidosis. Left uncorrected, this can lead to the development of metabolic acidosis. This causes the calf's blood pH to rise, which can lower her ability to absorb antibodies from colostrum. FULL STORY »

Components of innate immunity

The innate immune system has many components. Here is a look at those components and the overall importance of innate immunity to dairy cattle. FULL STORY »

Help every newborn survive

Ending a difficult birth with a live calf is a triumph, but that success could be short-lived. The Ontario Veal Association shares tips on how to help dystocia calves recover and thrive. FULL STORY »

Economic effects of BRD in dairy calves

Amy Stanton, PhD, University of Guelph, says young dairy calves that have experienced a bovine respiratory disease (BRD) episode can have long-term economic effects. FULL STORY »

Cool down those calves

Here are some management practices to help you avoid calf death losses during hot and humid weather. FULL STORY »

Is your colostrum management in a rut?

Don’t let routine practices and traditional concepts compromise your colostrum management. FULL STORY »

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