Is your colostrum management in a rut?

Don’t let routine practices and traditional concepts compromise your colostrum management. FULL STORY »

BVDV: Learn how a calf develops a persistent infection

A persistent bovine viral diarrhea virus infection in a calf is the result of an in utero infection. This infection can occur in two ways. FULL STORY »

Infectious arthritis in calves

Infectious arthritis is a frequent complication of septicemia in calves. Joints are painful and swollen, and affected animals are often quite unthrifty. Therapy is often unrewarding. “The single most important control measure is to ensure the timely intake of 3 to 4 quarts of colostrum,” says Jan Shearer, DVM, MS, Iowa State University. FULL STORY »

FPT calves more susceptible to disease

If a calf has failure of passive transfer or dystocia, immune function can definitely be compromised. FULL STORY »

Sodium bicarb as a supplement to colostrum replacer

University of New Hampshire researchers have conducted a study to evaluate what effect supplementation with sodium bicarbonate has on IgG absorption by calves fed colostrum replacer. FULL STORY »

Find sick calves early

Detecting and treating sick calves promptly greatly increases the likelihood that calves will recover quickly and completely. A University of California veterinarian shares his thoughts on early disease detection and treatment. FULL STORY »

Pay attention to summer calf health

Summer’s heat can be hard on calves. The experts at Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products Co. share strategies for helping calves cope with heat stress and protect health and performance. FULL STORY »

Clean those water tanks

If a persistently infected animal is present in your herd, mucus harboring BVDV could transmit the virus to cattle that share the same waterer. FULL STORY »

The cost of poor colostrum management

When you skip these areas of colostrum management, it's costing you more than you're saving. FULL STORY »

Colostrum: More than meets the eye

Recent research suggests that other parts of colostrum – specifically, growth factors and hormones – may play an essential role in growth and development of the newborn. FULL STORY »

Guidelines for whole-herd BVD testing

Cutting out BVD testing may produce short-term financial savings, but could have devastating, long-term consequences. The Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council offers guidelines for whole-herd BVD control programs. FULL STORY »

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