Get the most out of colostrum testing

If you are testing colostrum, make sure you are using the appropriate tools in the right way. FULL STORY »

Heat lamps help grow bacteria

Chilly fall temperatures signal the start of calf-warming season, and with it comes some precautions for heat lamp users. FULL STORY »

6 tips to reduce exposure to E. coli

Disease causing bacteria, such as E.coli, can have very negative effects on calves, especially calves under five days of age. Land O’Lakes Purina Feed Calf and Heifer Specialist, Jason Leonard, offers the following tips to aid in reducing the exposure of newborn calves to E.coli and other bacteria. FULL STORY »

Iowa pasteurization survey

A 2010 pasteurization survey of Iowa dairies by Iowa State Extension Dairy Specialist Jennifer Bentley shows that management and effective use of pasteurization can improve overall calf health. FULL STORY »

Be vigilant against respiratory disease in calves

Bovine respiratory disease in dairy calves can have profound production and economic consequences in the short-term and even later in life. FULL STORY »

Using foot baths for dairy herd health (audio)

By using a foot bath, dairy producers can avoid a lot of health issues with their herd. University of Kentucky Extension Dairy Systems Specialist Jeffrey Bewley talks about the importance of foot baths. FULL STORY »

BRD and sickness behaviors in calves

There are a lot of physical indicators of early sickness in dairy calves that can help you with earlier intervention. FULL STORY »

Pointers for respiratory disease prevention and management

Don Sockett, veterinarian at the Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory offers the following pointers for respiratory disease prevention and management on-farm. FULL STORY »

Economics of the 3K SNP genomic test for calves

The University of Florida takes a look at some ideas and the economic value on the use of the 3K SNP genomic test for calves on dairy farms. FULL STORY »

Beef and dairy heifer lameness

Structural soundness in beef and dairy heifers is vital to future performance and growth. FULL STORY »

Dry period’s impact on offspring studied

Days dry can leave a lasting impact on the next generation, according to USDA data presented at the 2011 annual meeting of the American Dairy Science Association. Take a look at what the researchers found. FULL STORY »

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