To treat or not to treat: It depends

Does intramammary treatment of heifers pre-calving increase subsequent milk production? Find out what one milk-quality specialist has to say. FULL STORY »

Tips for using direct-fed microbials

Adding direct-fed microbials to milk or milk replacer may support calf intestinal integrity and overall health. Most research has reported little effect of direct-fed microbials on animal growth or feed efficiency. The Bovine Alliance on Management and Nutrition offers tips for feeding direct-fed microbials. FULL STORY »

Water temp impacts intake

New research published in the May Journal of Dairy Science takes a look at the effect drinking water temperature has on intake and performance of dairy calves. Researchers found that calves offered warm water drank 47 percent more than calves offered cold water pre-weaning. FULL STORY »

Long-term effects of dairy calf BRD

Research has shown a significant impact on growth and development of calves if they have had BRD as a calf. FULL STORY »

Reduce disease from automated calf feeders

Automated calf feeders are becoming more popular as an efficient way to feed dairy calves, but they can also be a very efficient way to transmit disease such as Mycoplasma bovis or Salmonella dublin among calves if not properly cleaned and maintained. FULL STORY »

Is she going to calve soon?

New research suggests that an automated system for monitoring cows during the transition period could help minimize cow and calf losses associated with dystocia. FULL STORY »

We’ve got work to do

When it comes to raising heifers that last in the milking herd – we’ve got our work cut out for us. New research published in the April 2011 Journal of Dairy Science shows that a large number of heifers never become productive or are culled before their full lactation potential. FULL STORY »

Refresher on vaccinating calves in hot weather

With hot weather just around the corner, Sam Leadley, calf-care specialist with Attica (N.Y.) Veterinary Associates reminds us that heat-stressed calves do not respond well to vaccines. Follow these tips to optimize the health of your calves. FULL STORY »

Treatment protocols: Protect yourself and improve animal care

The use of antibiotics and analgesics (pain medication) in the dairy industry is coming under increased scrutiny by regulators. FULL STORY »

Tools for measuring IgG useful in managing colostrum

Concentration of IgG in colostrum varies according to many factors, including a cow’s disease history, volume of colostrum produced, season of the year, and breed. FULL STORY »

Dehorning dilemmas

The cattle industry is encouraged to dehorn young calves with pain mitigation; several countries are already ahead of the U.S. with these procedures. FULL STORY »

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