Heifer hygiene for mastitis prevention

Udder health starts before heifers give their first drop of milk. Read tips for preventing mastitis and launching heifers into healthy lactations. FULL STORY »

Food safety is focus of $2.3 million in grants

An Ohio State University scientist and colleagues have garnered two food safety grants totaling $2.3 million from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. FULL STORY »

Get the most out of your calf blankets

Calf blankets play an important role in calf comfort and warmth on any calf-raising operation, especially as the colder temperatures set in. But you can’t just put the blanket on the calf and forget about it. FULL STORY »

Don’t forget about BVD

Scours, pneumonia, then a bout of coccidiosis at weaning; she is just a “poor doer” is often what I hear. FULL STORY »

How direct-fed microbials support calf health

What are direct-fed microbials, and what is the purpose of adding them to calf diets? The Bovine Alliance on Management and Nutrition (BAMN) has issued a new publication, answering these and other questions regarding direct-fed microbials. FULL STORY »

Vaccine selection guidelines

Vaccines are critical tools to maximize herd health and profitability, but the myriad of vaccine options also can be confusing. Greg Edwards, DVM, Cattle Technical Services for Pfizer Animal Health, offers eight tips for making the best vaccine choices. FULL STORY »

Calving difficulty has lifelong effects

It is not surprising that a difficult birth can cause future reproductive delays for the dam. But new research indicates that a setback in milk production may be experienced by the offspring of dystocia. FULL STORY »

Transportation and health of baby calves

The Dairy Calf and Heifer Association (DCHA) has added to its Gold Standards of calf care with guidelines on animal welfare from birth to freshening. Gold Standards I covers production and performance standards for calves from birth to 6 months and Gold Standards II covers production and performance standards for heifers from 6 months to freshening. FULL STORY »

Calving pens: manage for health

Both the dam and the newborn calf are vulnerable to infection at calving time. The key is to reduce exposure to bacteria through management. FULL STORY »

Learn more about Salmonella

A new resource for information on helping control Salmonella Newport is available at: www.SalmonellaRisk.com. FULL STORY »

A new look at bovine coronavirus

BCV has been implicated in bovine respiratory disease, and researchers are taking a closer look. FULL STORY »

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