Don't let inconsistent weather jeopardize calf health

Extreme temperature swings make calf raising more challenging. Here are some strategies to help you combat disease outbreaks during weather changes. FULL STORY »

Guard calves against respiratory disease

Respiratory disease is the second-leading cause of death in dairy calves under six months of age. Vaccination, early detection, proper diagnosis and treatment all play an important role in controlling it. FULL STORY »

More on SARA in calves

There is research to suggest many calves experience subacute ruminal acidosis (SARA). But what are its effects on digestion and health? A new Calf Note article takes a look at the research. FULL STORY »

Frozen teat alert: Signs of frostbite

During cold weather, it is vital to watch for signs of frostbite on teats of dairy cows and heifers. FULL STORY »

Deworming: How much is enough?

Late fall or winter is a good time for dairy producers to work with their veterinarian and develop a parasite-control program. FULL STORY »

Properly time vaccinations for reproductive success

Timing is everything when it comes to successful reproductive programs, and that includes timing of vaccinations to help prevent reproductive diseases. FULL STORY »

Why do I have more challenges with my Jersey calves?

Calf Notes author Jim Quigley looks at some of the reasons why Jersey calves seem to differ from Holsteins. “Some recent research suggests that both nutrition and immunity effects may be involved,” he says. FULL STORY »

Neonatal calf diarrhea

It’s one of the two most common calfhood diseases, and a challenge for every calf raiser worldwide. Canadian expert Dr. Roger Thomas provides management advice on handling scours. FULL STORY »

Cleaner utensils mean healthier calves

Sure they look clean. But are your calf pails and nipples as clean, sanitary and bacteria-free as they should be? Neil Broadwater, Dairy Extension Educator for the University of Minnesota, provides tips to ensure the healthiest possible calves FULL STORY »

New research into oral electrolyte therapy

Diarrhea remains the leading cause of pre-weaned heifer deaths. In this article, learn when to use oral fluid therapy or if intravenous fluids are necessary. FULL STORY »

When you hear hoof beats ...

While in veterinary school, we were taught about many different diseases and the signs associated with those diseases. Some were common and others were very uncommon or exotic. FULL STORY »

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