The euthanasia treatment protocol

Death is an unfortunate reality of livestock production. Ohio veterinarian Fred Gingrich offers advice on determining when euthanasia is appropriate, and how to do it humanely. FULL STORY »

When it comes to calves get back to the basics

When calves get sick, producers tend to focus on the technical issues, but often times, it can be everyday details that lead to calf health challenges. Here are some insights into areas that can be overlooked. FULL STORY »

How to lower treatment rates during temperature swings

Increased nutritional support can make a big difference in the ability of dairy calves to withstand the stresses of yo-yo weather. FULL STORY »

Regional dairy meetings focus on calf care

Your calves must steer clear of several health hurdles before weaning. Here is some information to help you get them off on the right foot. FULL STORY »

Break the salmonella cycle

Salmonella is always a challenge when raising calves, but prevention works. A new issue of Calving Ease looks at how to maximize resistance and minimize exposure. FULL STORY »

Preventing and managing calfhood diarrhea Play video

Dr. Bruce Vande Steeg with Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc., discusses the importance of recognizing critical control points on the farm that could make calves sick. Vande Steeg also explains the challenges of calfhood diarrhea and how Diaque can help. FULL STORY »

What to look for in an oral electrolyte product

Oral electrolytes help to restore fluids, correct pH and electrolyte levels in the blood, and provide nutritional support. Here is help for choosing a product to give to your calves. FULL STORY »

Crypto similar in organic and conventional dairies

A Swedish study reported in the March 2013 Journal of Epidemiology & Infection indicates that there is a similar prevalence of Cryptosporidium spp. in organic and conventional dairies. FULL STORY »

Warm colostrum properly

A case study shared in a recent blog post looks at culture results from samples of heated colostrum and what was going on at the farm to make bacterial counts so variable. FULL STORY »

Brix refractometer accuracy evaluated

Is the Brix refractometer a practical and accurate tool for measuring IgG levels in colostrum? A recent study published in the Journal of Dairy Science looks for the answer. FULL STORY »

Know your vet — and reap the rewards

A former president of the Dairy Calf and Heifer Association shares how an ongoing business relationship with his herd veterinarian has been a long-term asset to his operation. FULL STORY »

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