While there now are many options among colostrum-replacer products, they do not offer equal composition or performance.  A summary published by the W.H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute, Chazy, N.Y., evaluates the differences.  Researcher Peng Ji summarized 13 studies conducted after 2000 (12 published and one study with unpublished data from Miner Institute) with 48 treatments comprising 10 for maternal colostrum (MC), 22 for plasma-derived colostrum replacer (PDCR, containing at least 100 g of IgG per dose), 11 for colostrum-derived colostrum replacer (CDCR) and 5 for plasma-derived colostrum supplement (PDCS, containing < 50 g of IgG per dose).

Read the full summary, including results and conclusions, at http://www.whminer.com/fr_13_06_06.html

Source:  Miner Institute Farm Report