Health care practices: Planning and observation are key

Here are some tips from the Dairy Beef Quality Assurance manual to help prevent disease and keep your dairy calves healthy. FULL STORY »

Warm up to solar power

Many farmers have installed solar photovoltaic panels on their properties and have begun generating their own electricity. Solar photovoltaic systems are generally very low maintenance. If you are thinking about installing a solar photovoltaic system, here are some things to consider. FULL STORY »

Heifer hoof health vital to future beef quality

Today’s dairy heifers will become tomorrow’s lactating cows. The Beef Checkoff looks at the importance of lameness prevention for dairy-cow productivity and eventual cull-cow quality. FULL STORY »

Cornell Academy for Dairy Executives

Cornell University’s pro-dairy program announces the 2012 Academy for Dairy Executives, a program for developing management and leadership skill for dairy executives and agri-service personnel. Applications are due Dec. 30. FULL STORY »

IDFA Dairy Forum 2012 focuses on the geopolitics of food

The International Dairy Foods Association Dairy Forum 2012 will draw together all segments of the dairy industry to discuss current changes in food supply and demand that are happening around the world. The event is slated for Jan. 15-18, 2012 in La Quinta, Calif. FULL STORY »

Penn State announces calf workshops

Pennsylvania State University will be taking two identical sessions of a Calf Health and Management Workshop on the road in January. Dates and locations are Jan. 24 in McVeytown, Pa., and Jan. 30 in Martinsburg, Pa. FULL STORY »

Air emissions and animal agriculture

“Air Emissions and Animal Agriculture” provides science-based information on food animal production in the United States and the odors and air emissions associated with livestock and poultry production. FULL STORY »

Penn State calf workshop scheduled

The Penn State Extension Dairy Team is hosting a calf health and management workshop for dairy producers and their employees in January. The program will focus on calf care for animals from birth through 6 months of age. FULL STORY »

Aim for pain-free and stress-free procedures

It is important to perform procedures like dehorning, tattooing and castrating humanely. These procedures are necessary components of dairy calf and heifer rearing, but there are methods that can be employed to make these tasks as pain-free and stress-free as possible. FULL STORY »

'We Care for Calves' Facebook page launched

Land O'Lakes Animal Milk Products has announced the creation of its "We Care for Calves" Facebook page, a resource for everything from information on the latest calf feed technologies to a forum to share and connect with fellow calf raisers and dairy producers. FULL STORY »

Treat downers with care

Caring properly for non-ambulatory animals is vital for both animal welfare and consumer confidence. Read advice on the subject from The Beef Checkoff and the Dairy Calf and Heifer Association. FULL STORY »

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