How do you get calves ready for summer?

Learn what one Minnesota calf raiser does during spring cleaning time. FULL STORY »

Stop flies before they start

Flies cause significant economic damage on calf operations. Are your calves ready for fly season? FULL STORY »

Cleanliness, consistency, commitment are keys to healthy calves

The calf program at this dairy in southeast Wisconsin embraces these three factors for success. Take a virtual tour to learn how they do it. FULL STORY »

Spring clean your calf equipment

It's time to do some spring cleaning of calf equipment, including pails, bottles, hutches, calf jackets and more. FULL STORY »

Detecting and preventing drug-resistant parasites

Today’s anti-parasitic drugs generally remain effective against cattle parasites in the United States, but occurrence of resistant parasites in other countries and in other livestock species, and signs of emergence of resistant populations here, create a need for prevention measures. A new report from the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine provides tips for preventing and detecting such resistance. FULL STORY »

Proper stall design pays

There are benefits to providing comfortable resting areas and well-designed free-stalls for heifers. FULL STORY »

Get ready for summer heat stress now

Here are several things you can do now to help avoid summer slump in milk production. FULL STORY »

Critical hours of calving management

How we assist calving cows and their newborn calves can dramatically affect the calf survival outcome. Here’s what the latest research says about what we should do to help. FULL STORY »

Control lameness in dairy animals

Here is advice on how you can minimize lameness in your herd. FULL STORY »

The new I-9 form is here

The new Form I-9 is now available. Farmers should begin using the new form immediately for all new hires. A Spanish version of the form is also available. FULL STORY »

Economist: Don’t try to out-guess the market

There are ways to deal with price uncertainty; it can be mitigated with risk-management tools, such as futures and options. It’s the policy aspects, such as ethanol policy and fiscal policy, where the real uncertainty lies. FULL STORY »

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