Proper stall design pays

There are benefits to providing comfortable resting areas and well-designed free-stalls for heifers. FULL STORY »

Get ready for summer heat stress now

Here are several things you can do now to help avoid summer slump in milk production. FULL STORY »

Critical hours of calving management

How we assist calving cows and their newborn calves can dramatically affect the calf survival outcome. Here’s what the latest research says about what we should do to help. FULL STORY »

Control lameness in dairy animals

Here is advice on how you can minimize lameness in your herd. FULL STORY »

The new I-9 form is here

The new Form I-9 is now available. Farmers should begin using the new form immediately for all new hires. A Spanish version of the form is also available. FULL STORY »

Economist: Don’t try to out-guess the market

There are ways to deal with price uncertainty; it can be mitigated with risk-management tools, such as futures and options. It’s the policy aspects, such as ethanol policy and fiscal policy, where the real uncertainty lies. FULL STORY »

Hayfield renovations: Some things to consider

Is it economically viable to thicken up an old alfalfa stand with more alfalfa seed? Here is some advice to consider before implementing a hayfield or pasture renovation. FULL STORY »

Colostrum supplements and replacers: What is the difference?

Research indicates that passive immunity is often inadequate due to low concentration of colostral immunoglobulins, insufficient methods of feeding colostrum, and low absorption of immunoglobulins by the calf. FULL STORY »

Improve the weaning transition period

Weaning is a critical transition period for young dairy calves. Creating nutritionally and socially stable plans for calves as they transition through the weaning period is essential. FULL STORY »

Tip of the Week looks at hypothermia

Spring may be here, at least by the calendar, but cold temperatures are still a threat to newborn calves. The Dairy Calf & Heifer Association has compiled some advice for detecting and dealing with hypothermia in newborn calves. FULL STORY »

Heifer fertility factors

When it comes to heifer fertility, reproductive experts say to focus your efforts on those factors that you can control through your actions and decision-making. FULL STORY »

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