Age at first calving continues to decline

Age at first calving is an important indicator for dairy herds to monitor as it can be a large factor in your average cost of raising heifers. FULL STORY »

Prepare youngstock for cold weather

Attention to dairy calf and heifer management is important for maintaining growth rates and minimizing health problems during the winter months. FULL STORY »

Make better deworming decisions

Evaluate your current deworming protocols with this new digital deworming tool. FULL STORY »

Did that calf get enough good quality colostrum?

Whether raising, buying or selling calves, producers should be concerned about the calf’s immune status, by knowing if they’re getting enough good quality colostrum. FULL STORY »

2012 harvest concerns? Call the mycotoxin hotline

As livestock producers begin to examine this year’s harvest, many feed quality questions are coming up. Is this mold? Should I be worried about aflatoxins, DON or other toxins? A toll-free hotline is available and ready to discuss mycotoxin concerns on this year’s harvest. FULL STORY »

The modern genetic assembly line

Henry Ford invented the idea of the assembly line to build automobiles. Have you ever thought that growing heifers is like an assembly-line process? FULL STORY »

Be consistent when caring for calves

Consistency in newborn protocols and day-to-day calf management is essential to reducing calf stress. FULL STORY »

Video highlights winter calf care

Learn how this Minnesota calf caregiver prepares her babies for the winter months. FULL STORY »

Transporting baby calves

The DCHA Gold Standards III from the Dairy Calf and Heifer Association includes information on transporting dairy calves to ensure their health and welfare. FULL STORY »

Protect yourself and employees from carbon monoxide

A two-pronged strategy is needed to prevent and protect against the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. FULL STORY »

Virtual tour highlights calf care

Calves on this Wisconsin farm move from hutches to group pens and autofeeders at two weeks of age. See how they make it work. FULL STORY »

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