Easing the move to transition barns

Transitioning to group housing after weaning is a stressful time for calves. Vita Plus calf management specialist Ann Hoskins provides tips for making the process smoother. FULL STORY »

More thoughts on group housing

As the practice of group housing of preweaned dairy calves becomes more widespread, there is more to be learned from those who are using it. See how Michigan State University researchers weigh in on this evolving management practice. FULL STORY »

Calving surge advice

It’s a good idea to cross-train one or two other dairy employees who are not typical calf caregivers to help with calves in the event of a calving surge. FULL STORY »

What causes heifer weights to be so variable?

Canadian researchers took a look at just how variable heifer growth rates are between farms. FULL STORY »

Facebook page shares calf-care tips

Visitors to the "We Care for Calves" Facebook page recently shared some ways they’ve made calf feeding more efficient on their operations. FULL STORY »

Simple solution for keeping grain pails dry

You hate to throw out calf starter just because a rain cloud threatens to pour down on your calf hutches. Here's a simple way to keep you from having to do that. FULL STORY »

Focus on heifer size to determine age at breeding

Dairy producers continue to focus on calving heifers at an earlier age, but to achieve that goal producers must manage heifers to reach breeding size sooner. FULL STORY »

Is it time to do away with the herd bull?

If you have a herd bull, a clean-up bull, a bull for the heifers, please consider the alternatives available today, urges a Penn State extension educator. FULL STORY »

Protect yourself from dust and mold

Conditions are ideal for mold growth and dust. Here is some advice for protecting yourself from respiratory problems during harvest. FULL STORY »

Advice on auto feeders and group housing

Excellent calf management is required to benefit from the use of group feeding and housing. FULL STORY »

Will your crop insurance claim be large enough for an audit?

If you are a Corn Belt farmer, and have corn or soybeans covered by crop insurance, there is a strong possibility that you may have a claim to file for either loss of production or revenue. FULL STORY »

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