Focus on heifer size to determine age at breeding

Dairy producers continue to focus on calving heifers at an earlier age, but to achieve that goal producers must manage heifers to reach breeding size sooner. FULL STORY »

Is it time to do away with the herd bull?

If you have a herd bull, a clean-up bull, a bull for the heifers, please consider the alternatives available today, urges a Penn State extension educator. FULL STORY »

Protect yourself from dust and mold

Conditions are ideal for mold growth and dust. Here is some advice for protecting yourself from respiratory problems during harvest. FULL STORY »

Advice on auto feeders and group housing

Excellent calf management is required to benefit from the use of group feeding and housing. FULL STORY »

Will your crop insurance claim be large enough for an audit?

If you are a Corn Belt farmer, and have corn or soybeans covered by crop insurance, there is a strong possibility that you may have a claim to file for either loss of production or revenue. FULL STORY »

New mobile app for income over feed costs

DairyCents, developed by Penn State's Extension Dairy Team, calculates income over feed costs and feed price comparisons. FULL STORY »

Monitor water availability in a drought

Drought conditions may cause some disruptions in water availability. Here is some advice to ensure heifers, dry cows and lactating cows are getting the water they need. FULL STORY »

Podcast discusses heat stress in calves

Learn about the signs of heat stress in calves and advice for alleviating it. FULL STORY »

Tips for pricing corn silage

A lot more corn may be headed for silage this year than normal. Experts at the University of Nebraska and University of Wisconsin offer advice on how to price it fairly. FULL STORY »

Qualities to look for in middle managers

Promoting workers to mid-level management positions can be a challenging and risky proposition. Learn how veterinary and dairy management consultant Tom Fuhrmann advises navigating the process. FULL STORY »

Elevating calf hutches shows value

Washington State University researchers have explored whether elevating the back of plastic calf hutches to promote ventilation could make a difference for calf well-being. The results, recently published in the Journal of Dairy Science, indicate that the practice has merit. FULL STORY »

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