Using bleach to clean feeding equipment

Chlorine bleach can work well as a sanitizing agent for calf feeding equipment, but will be most effective when used correctly. Iowa State University Extension provides guidelines for successfully using this inexpensive disinfectant. FULL STORY »

Saving grain from the rain

Feeding grain in the outside runs of calf hutches has its advantages, but rainy weather isn’t one of them. FULL STORY »

Heifer reproduction webinar

Looking to improve heifer reproduction? The Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council offers an online, on-demand webinar to help. FULL STORY »

New spreadsheet helps track heifer growth

The Customized Dairy Heifer Growth Chart from Penn State University is a spreadsheet that generates a customized growth curve for individual herds, based on their heifer-rearing goals. FULL STORY »

Website devoted to all things dehorning

The latest research, methods and how-to videos on dehorning all can be found at, a site dedicated to information on cattle dehorning. FULL STORY »

Time to think about fly control

They’re back. Pesky flies have set up shop for the summer and fall. Take measures now to control them and protect calves and heifers from their damage. FULL STORY »

8 potential bottlenecks when raising calves and heifers

Carefully managing critical control points as calves and heifers grow and develop will help avoid setbacks along the way. FULL STORY »

Break the cycle of employee turnover

Replacing employees is a costly and time-consuming task. Here are some tips for avoiding it. FULL STORY »

Reduce your risk when commingling calves

Moving newborn calves to a custom raiser requires careful attention to detail to prevent setbacks caused by stress and disease. New York-based calf and heifer management specialist Sam Leadley offers advice on easing the process. FULL STORY »

Using herd data for heifer selection

Excess heifer inventories and high feed costs are leading many dairies to sell part of their heifer stocks. Penn State University Dairy Extension experts offer advice on strategically making the best heifer-retention and sell-off decisions. FULL STORY »

Advice for depositing semen correctly

Even the most experienced AI breeders can use refreshers. William Graves, Professor of Dairy Science at the University of Georgia, provides an excellent primer on breeding techniques. FULL STORY »

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