Case study: Issues among group-housed calves

Here are two real-world examples of group housing and feeding systems for calves and a discussion of the challenges in each system. FULL STORY »

Manage newborn calves for productivity

The first few weeks of a calf's life are pivotal to its productivity. With proper management, you can minimize stressors and pitfalls that jeopardize the health and productivity of your calves. FULL STORY »

Safety programs don't happen overnight

It takes time to develop and implement on-farm safety programs. Here are a few tips to help you take on this large project. FULL STORY »

Make it a smooth transition

As you transition from winter to summer calf-care protocols, what should be your top priorities for getting calves ready for a new season? FULL STORY »

Clean calf hutches: More than a spring-cleaning project

Many calf raisers are in spring-cleaning mode, but keeping calf hutches clean should be a year-round priority. Here are some tips for cleaning and sanitizing them. FULL STORY »

Start fly control now

Fly season is quickly approaching. Have you thought through your plan of attack? Establishing a plan now can save you a lot of time and energy this summer. FULL STORY »

How do you get calves ready for summer?

Learn what one Minnesota calf raiser does during spring cleaning time. FULL STORY »

Stop flies before they start

Flies cause significant economic damage on calf operations. Are your calves ready for fly season? FULL STORY »

Cleanliness, consistency, commitment are keys to healthy calves

The calf program at this dairy in southeast Wisconsin embraces these three factors for success. Take a virtual tour to learn how they do it. FULL STORY »

Spring clean your calf equipment

It's time to do some spring cleaning of calf equipment, including pails, bottles, hutches, calf jackets and more. FULL STORY »

Detecting and preventing drug-resistant parasites

Today’s anti-parasitic drugs generally remain effective against cattle parasites in the United States, but occurrence of resistant parasites in other countries and in other livestock species, and signs of emergence of resistant populations here, create a need for prevention measures. A new report from the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine provides tips for preventing and detecting such resistance. FULL STORY »

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