When an employee leaves, the urgent need for help can prompt you to hire the first qualified person who comes through the door.

Break the cycle of employee turnoverBreaking the cycle of employee turnover is essential for the success of your business, and it starts with conducting better interviews and screening potential employees, points out Charles Contreras, business solutions manager with Zoetis.

Follow these tips for hiring better employees:

1. Know who you want. Think about your current employees, especially the ones who are successful. What makes them good? Why do they like your operation? Know your stars, and strive to recruit and hire people like them.

2. Always be looking. Don’t just spring into action when you have an opening. If potentially good employees come to your door when you don’t have an available position, interview them and keep their information on file for when you’re ready to hire.

3. Ask thoughtful, behavioral questions. Learn more about prospective employees by asking questions that require more than one-word answers. Ask questions that require interviewees to tell a story. That allows you to learn more about their mind-set and their experience. If you are filling a position that requires a specific technical skill, ask candidates to show you how they would do it.