Steady as she goes

Prices for close-up Holstein springers are steady to higher nationwide this month. FULL STORY »

Nationwide replacement demand strong

Demand for replacement cows and springers is high across the country. FULL STORY »

Heifer prices continue to climb

Strong milk prices are likely fueling a steady increase in springer heifer demand and price. FULL STORY »

Springers mostly steady, calves up

Springing heifer prices continue to see stability or healthy growth in three of the four reporting markets this month. Prices softened slightly in Pennsylvania alone. California remained steady while Wisconsin and Texas saw higher prices compared to last month. Nationwide, springer prices as a whole are up about 30% compared to year-ago levels. Holstein heifer calf prices increased nationwide, likely due in part to the seasonal demand for youth project calves. FULL STORY »

Up, up, up

Favorable outlook indicators for the potential for dairy profitability in 2014 are likely fueling a steady increase in Holstein springer prices nationwide. The greatest increase in the past month was in Texas, where top-quality springers increased by as much as $400 per head. Prices also are strong in California, which passed the $2,000 per head mark for top-end springers this month. Compared to year-ago levels, top-quality springers are bringing from $100 to $700 per head more, averaging about $400 per head higher than February 2013 values. Holstein heifer calves were mixed compared to last month, but approximately $50 per head higher than last year. FULL STORY »

Solid and steady

Holstein springer heifer values started the New Year at considerably healthier levels compared to one year ago. Although the market test was light through the holidays, springer prices in three of the four reported markets were slightly higher compared to last month, with only Pennsylvania softening a bit. Compared to last year, springer prices are higher by at least $100/head, and as much as $375/head, across the board. Despite frigid weather conditions, heifer calf prices also remain strong. The USDA predicts the 2014 U.S. dairy herd to grow by 30,000 head in 2014, and the all-milk price to average $19.70-20.50/cwt., which is highly comparable to the 2013 all-milk price range of $19.90-$20.00/cwt. FULL STORY »

Positive trend continues

Holstein springer heifer values continue to climb throughout most of the country, with prices steady to slightly lower in Texas. Springer values also are on par to considerably higher nationwide, compared to year-ago levels. Last December, top-quality springers in Pennsylvania were bringing $1,525-1,750, compared to $1,700-1,950 today. Current Holstein heifer calf prices also are steady to higher nationwide, with the highest values also found in Pennsylvania. FULL STORY »

Nationwide upward ride

If the heifer market is any indicator of the attitudes of U.S. dairy producers, those in the dairy industry are feeling pretty optimistic about current and future market prospects. Easing feed costs; a strong export market; and positive milk futures through 2014 all may be contributing to that positive outlook. Prices for both medium- and top-quality springers were either steady or up nationwide this month, with the healthiest bump in Pennsylvania. Heifer calf prices also were steady to higher in all reviewed markets. FULL STORY »

Heifer prices high in Texas

Currently available prices indicate a softening of springer and heifer calf prices in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. California springer prices are steady to slightly up, while the high end for top-quality Holstein springers surged in Texas. This month’s high was $1,860, compared to $1,475 last month. That top-dollar figure is the highest springer price posted in Texas for more than two years. FULL STORY »

Optimism in the air

Relief from high feed prices, plus a prediction for a large 2013 corn crop that could lower prices even more, may be fueling market optimism despite relatively flat milk prices. Springer heifer prices are steady to higher nationwide this month. The hot spot: Pennsylvania, where close-up springer values have jumped about $200 a head compared to last month. Heifer calf prices also are up slightly in all reporting areas. FULL STORY »

Calf values down

The low-end value of Holstein heifer calves is down at all three reporting sites nationwide, with the lowest price in Wisconsin at $55.00 per head. The top end of calf prices is up slightly in Wisconsin and Texas compared to last month, but all calf prices have dropped considerably compared to year-ago levels. Last year at this time, heifer calves in Pennsylvania were bringing $170-200, compared to $80-110 today. In Wisconsin, last year’s low in late July was this year’s high -- $140-200 then, compared to $55-140 now. Springing heifer prices are static, with the exception of a slight rebound in top-quality springer values in Texas. FULL STORY »

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