Texas prices weaken

Holstein springer prices remain steady compared to last month in California and Wisconsin, but lost some ground in Texas and Pennsylvania. High-priced, short-supply feedstuffs may be the cause of a softer market in Texas compared to the rest of the country. A large heifer sale promoted for mid-July in California suggests that many herds have excess heifer inventories. Holstein heifer calf prices also lost a little footing in Texas, but remain steady elsewhere. FULL STORY »

Hanging in there

Projections for healthier milk prices to continue through the summer and fall may be buoying dairy springer prices, which held steady throughout most of the country and even took a healthy upward bump in California compared to last month. Springer prices also are on par with year-ago values. Dicey crop planting conditions in the upper Midwest could impact feed prices and erase earlier projections of commodity price relief by fall. Holstein heifer calf prices are down again in the upper Midwest and Northeast, steady in Texas. FULL STORY »

Still steady

Dairy springer prices remain steady to slightly higher nationwide, except in Texas, where some of last month’s gains eroded this month. FULL STORY »

Strong and steady

Demand for springer heifers remains strong nationwide, with prices increasing or remaining steady in all four monitored locations. The brightest spot is Texas, where springer prices received as much as a 30 percent bump compared to last month, and are considerably higher than they were there a year ago. For example, approved/medium springers in Texas were $600-$1,075 last April, compared to $1,000-$1,175 this year. Equity Livestock at Stratford, Wis., also reported a huge crowd at its April 2 auction, with strong demand for springers. Heifer calf prices were steady with month-ago levels. FULL STORY »

Heifer prices down compared to year-ago levels

Springer heifer prices nationwide remain virtually unchanged from month-ago levels, with the exception of California. FULL STORY »

Springer heifer market soft nationwide

Springer heifer prices were steady to down throughout the country at the start of the New Year. FULL STORY »

Pennsylvania heifer prices strong, nationwide calf prices erode

Pennsylvania saw a healthy bump in springer prices in the past month, up from $1,425-1,575 last month to $1,525-1,750 this month for top-quality springers. FULL STORY »

California heifer prices surge

Despite current, tough economic conditions for California dairies, springer heifer prices made a dramatic upturn in the past month, increasing from a market high of $1,575 last month to $1,825 this month for top-quality springing heifers. FULL STORY »

Wisconsin heifer prices up, Pennsylvania down

Despite high feed costs and short feed supplies in the upper Midwest, springing heifer prices in Wisconsin jumped about $200 per head across the board in the past month. FULL STORY »

Pennsylvania the bright spot for replacement values

The Northeast has received ample summer rainfall and thus has better current crop conditions compared to the rest of the country. FULL STORY »

Heifer prices steady, calf market soft

Despite drought-induced feed shortages and spiking grain costs, the price for top-end Holstein springing heifers remains firm nationwide. FULL STORY »

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