At the most recent auctions, springing heifer prices were generally stable with the previous month. However, top-end springers did top out above $2,000 in Turlock, Calif. Record-high milk prices are encouraging producers to maintain herds, but heifer supplies remain abundant. At mid-year, dairy heifer numbers were up 4 percent compared to last year. Calf prices were steady to slightly lower this month. Top-end calf prices of $210 in Sulphur Springs, Texas, were down from the top last month of $240, reports Greg Scheer, dairy analyst with Doane Advisory Services in St. Louis, Mo. (See the table below.)


Springing heifers
Heifer calves
 Location (sale date)
Supreme/top grade
Approved/medium grade
90-120 pounds
Turlock, Calif. (7/29/11)
Stratford, Wis. 8/2/11
Sulphur Springs, Texas (7/28/11)
New Holland, Pa. (8/3/11)