Heifer prices were higher at the most recent auctions. High-end springing heifers topped out at $1,875 in Turlock, Calif., and hit $1,800 in New Holland, Pa. Strong cull cow prices and high feed costs are encouraging dairy cow slaughter, which was up 10 percent the first three months. But the U.S. dairy herd continues to grow as demand for heifers remains strong from producers, reports Greg Scheer, dairy analyst with Doane Advisory Services in St. Louis, Mo. Calf prices were mostly firm at the latest auctions, topping out at $320 in Stratford, Wis., and at $250 in Sulphur Springs, Texas.

Springing heifers
Heifer calves
 Location (sale date)
Supreme/top grade
Approved/medium grade
90-120 pounds
Turlock, Calif. (4/29/11)
Stratford, Wis. (5/3/11
Sulphur Springs, Texas (4/28/11)
New Holland, Pa. (5/4/11)