Feeding to fight disease

Recent research has shown that feeding preweaned calves well beyond maintenance requirements not only improves stature growth and weight gain, but also helps calves resist disease challenges. The Ontario Veal Association provides more details. FULL STORY »

5 priorities for fall/winter feeding

Here is the first article in a six-part series on emerging dairy cattle nutrition topics from the DAIReXNET web resource. FULL STORY »

Achieve genetic potential with sound heifer nutrition

Achieving lifetime genetic potential can be challenging for a calf, especially because so many factors will ultimately impact its expression. One critical factor in maximizing a heifer's genetic potential is nutrition. FULL STORY »

Watch for spoilage in drought-stressed corn silage

Advice on reducing nitrate levels when harvesting and feeding drought-damaged corn silage is plentiful this year, but nitrates are just one part of the picture. FULL STORY »

How much milk will calves drink?

When milk intake is not restricted, calves drink large amounts of milk. However, expect large variations in milk consumption among calves and significant changes intake levels from week-to-week. FULL STORY »

Using soybeans as forage

This topic is the subject of the fifth and final drought-related video at the University of Illinois Dairy Education's YouTube channel. FULL STORY »

Another look at when to start feeding hay

What’s the ideal time to start feeding young calves hay? A new study published in the Journal of Dairy Science explores the issue. FULL STORY »

Sodium butyrate in calf diets

A simple additive may yield significant results when fed to young calves. FULL STORY »

Harvesting and feeding drought-stressed corn silage

Widespread drought will likely create an abundant supply of corn silage this fall. But with this dearth of silage availability come the concerns of nitrate toxicity and nitrogen dioxide. FULL STORY »

Drought strategies for dairy cattle

Check out this podcast for several strategies that can help you manage dairy cattle through this year's drought. FULL STORY »

Save money by properly sealing your silage

Losses from unsealed or incorrectly sealed corn silage exceed a quarter billion dollars every year. FULL STORY »

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