The milk replacer 'gas pump'

Steadily increasing whey prices are good for dairies’ bottom lines, but also add cost to milk replacers. Dave Kuehnel, president of Milk Products Inc., says it may not be feasible to select “super-premium,” all-milk milk replacer in every situation. FULL STORY »

Cut your cost of shrink in half

Feed is too expensive to waste these days, but unfortunately a shrink rate of 15 to 20 percent shrink is common on U.S. dairies. Find out the key areas of feed loss and how to reduce shrink and lower feed costs. FULL STORY »

Results of nationwide colostrum study

Are most dairy calves in the U.S. receiving high-quality colostrum? A team of Iowa State University researchers conducted a study to find out. The results, published recently in the Journal of Dairy Science, indicate there still is some room for improvement. FULL STORY »

Wean calves for success

What seems to work well when weaning calves? Here are some observations and advice. FULL STORY »

Manage calves for optimal performance

Adequately taking care of your calves and heifers today is important because they will be influencing the milking herd’s performance in 2014. FULL STORY »

Test forage for nitrates before you cut

Heat and drought stress can cause dangerous concentrations of nitrates to accumulate in summer annuals. Nitrate poisoning can cause abortions in cattle. High concentrations can even be fatal. FULL STORY »

Destination of non-IgG protein explained

Colostrum provides IgG to the newborn dairy calf so it is protected against disease, but what about the fate of non-IgG protein in colostrum? "It’s an interesting observation and may provide some insights into the newborn calf’s metabolism," says one calf expert. FULL STORY »

3 tips to beat the summer heat

Here are three areas you can focus on to make your calves comfortable during the heat: housing, feed management and hydration. FULL STORY »

Adapt your feeding strategies to summer conditions

In addition to cooling, shade and ventilation, strategic adjustments to diet formulation and feeding management can help cows to better cope with extreme weather conditions. FULL STORY »

Starter protein content evaluated

With enhanced-nutrition milk-replacer programs comes the concurrent need for higher-protein starter rations. A University of Illinois study published recently in the Journal of Dairy Science explores the performance effects of calf starter grain with enhanced crude protein levels, versus conventional starter FULL STORY »

By-products: Not always a ‘cheap’ feed for heifers

Feedstuffs that look inexpensive at face value may be more expensive than you think when they are evaluated based on nutritive content. Accurately assessing the true value of a feedstuff requires examining a variety of factors. FULL STORY »

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