Starter protein content evaluated

With enhanced-nutrition milk-replacer programs comes the concurrent need for higher-protein starter rations. A University of Illinois study published recently in the Journal of Dairy Science explores the performance effects of calf starter grain with enhanced crude protein levels, versus conventional starter FULL STORY »

By-products: Not always a ‘cheap’ feed for heifers

Feedstuffs that look inexpensive at face value may be more expensive than you think when they are evaluated based on nutritive content. Accurately assessing the true value of a feedstuff requires examining a variety of factors. FULL STORY »

Monitor heifer average daily gain

For the first 70 days of age, a reasonable average daily gain should be 1.7 to 2 pounds per day. By six months of age, heifers should average at least 2 pounds of gain per day. FULL STORY »

Researchers to study automated calf feeding systems

University of Minnesota dairy scientists hope to learn best practices for optimizing the use of automated feeders for calves. Here is a look at what they are planning to do, as well as some practical advice on using this technology. FULL STORY »

Video series gives livestock producers access to grazing school

A new video series produced by Ohio State University educators offers livestock producers detailed information about a wide variety of grazing management techniques taught by OSU Extension livestock and forage experts. FULL STORY »

Milk feeding study discussed in podcast

Milk and calf starter feeding programs have a substantial impact on calf growth and health. A recent podcast features research from a calf feeding study at Purdue University. FULL STORY »

Calves need free-choice water

A Purdue Dairy Digest podcast discusses the importance of providing free-choice water to calves. FULL STORY »

The latest on heat-treating colostrum

Researchers at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine have proven that colostrum can be heat-treated with successful outcomes in a university research setting, but can the practice be applied with equal success on commercial dairy farms? That question was addressed in the team’s most recently published work in the Journal of Dairy Science. FULL STORY »

Feed delivery methods studied

Well-balanced rations are important for heifer growth and development. But a group of Purdue University researchers conclude that how the nutrients are delivered also can influence dry-matter intake, weight gain and feed efficiency. FULL STORY »

Preparation key to post-weaning slump

Weaning is a stressful time for calves. But pre-weaning nutritional adjustments can help ease the transition for young calves. FULL STORY »

Watch grazing systems closely

Management is critical to effectively manage early-season forage growth. FULL STORY »

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