Advice for weaning calves from automatic feeders

A gradual process can help calves prepare for weaning. Here's a look at what some farms are doing. FULL STORY »

Preparation key to skip weaning slump

New research is showing there are steps that dairy producers can take to better prepare their calves and possibly even skip the post-weaning growth slump altogether. FULL STORY »

Podcast discusses auto feeders for calves

Learn about some of the advantages and disadvantages of using automatic feeders for calves in this new podcast. FULL STORY »

Promote calf starter intake

Calf starter supplements the energy and protein provided by milk replacer and supports rumen development. Here are some insights on calf starter intake and growth standards. FULL STORY »

What drives calf growth?

Calf management expert Jim Quigley, PhD, reviews a recently published academic paper on the intricacies of calf growth, and the nutritional factors that affect the process. FULL STORY »

Biofuel byproduct has potential in heifer diets

Minnesota researchers have investigated an alternative to alfalfa meal in heifer rations. FULL STORY »

How consistent is your calf-feeding program?

When it comes to feeding whole milk or milk replacer, nutrient consistency is vital to calf performance. Here are some key sources of nutrient variation and a few easy solutions. FULL STORY »

Ration tweaks can reduce manure output

Can feeding strategies reduce manure production while maintaining animal performance and health? The answer is "yes" for both growing heifers and lactating cows. FULL STORY »

Calf nutrition: Building block for the future

The amount and quality of colostrum a calf receives within the first hours of life is the single most important management factor affecting the animal's well-being, growth, performance and profitability for the first six months of life and beyond. FULL STORY »

A look at once-a-day calf feeding

Feeding dairy calves once a day in a group-feeding system is very popular in some parts of the world. Here is a look at the advantages, challenges and tips for making it work in group-feeding systems. FULL STORY »

Feed water successfully

Calves and heifers get a fresh, clean drink year round on this New York farm. FULL STORY »

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