How consistent is your calf-feeding program?

When it comes to feeding whole milk or milk replacer, nutrient consistency is vital to calf performance. Here are some key sources of nutrient variation and a few easy solutions. FULL STORY »

Ration tweaks can reduce manure output

Can feeding strategies reduce manure production while maintaining animal performance and health? The answer is "yes" for both growing heifers and lactating cows. FULL STORY »

Calf nutrition: Building block for the future

The amount and quality of colostrum a calf receives within the first hours of life is the single most important management factor affecting the animal's well-being, growth, performance and profitability for the first six months of life and beyond. FULL STORY »

A look at once-a-day calf feeding

Feeding dairy calves once a day in a group-feeding system is very popular in some parts of the world. Here is a look at the advantages, challenges and tips for making it work in group-feeding systems. FULL STORY »

Feed water successfully

Calves and heifers get a fresh, clean drink year round on this New York farm. FULL STORY »

Should I mix my own calf starter on farm?

Consider these factors before you decide whether to do so or not. FULL STORY »

Why don't my post-weaned heifers grow well?

A recent University of Kentucky Dairy Notes article addresses this question. FULL STORY »

Tips for controlling heifer feed costs

The dual objectives of raising quality dairy replacement heifers and keeping costs as low as possible sometimes can be at odds with one another. University of Wisconsin researcher Pat Hoffman offers tips on how to achieve excellent heifer nutrition while keeping costs in check. FULL STORY »

New feed nutrient technical note

"Animal Diets and Feed Management" focuses on managing feed inputs to reduce waste and nutrient excretion. FULL STORY »

Optimize heifer growth with proper nutrition

Every month that calving is delayed beyond target goals represents a significant cost per animal because of lost production and fewer days of productive life. FULL STORY »

Dairy Focus: Is the cost of feeding frequency worth it?

Given the waning days of winter, one may conclude that dairy calves are beyond the added nutritional requirements of cold-weather feeding. FULL STORY »

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