What's your feed shrink?

How much harvested forage or purchased grains and commodities are wasted? A trailer load of corn grain costs in excess of $8,000, says Bob James, extension dairy scientist at Virginia Tech. Reducing shrink from 10 percent to 5 percent is worth over $400. FULL STORY »

Interest in group calf feeding runs high

Hundreds of dairy producers and industry representatives convened in Syracuse, N.Y., earlier this month to learn more about group housing and feeding of dairy calves. The Cornell University-sponsored symposium explored a broad range of topics related to group rearing, from the technical to the practical. FULL STORY »

Study finds phosphorus supplementation unnecessary

Does the ideal ration for growing dairy heifers require supplemental phosphorus? A group of Wisconsin researchers studied the issue and share their conclusions. FULL STORY »

4 quarts of colostrum: Too much of a good thing?

The recommendation of feeding newborn Holstein calves 4 quarts of colostrum in the first four hours of life has been widely adopted. Although the value of the colostrum itself is not in question, Canadian veterinarian Neil Anderson says the volume could be troublesome if it is delivered all at once and with an esophageal feeder. FULL STORY »

Are auto feeders right for your operation?

Automatic calf feeders are growing in popularity across the country. Could your operation be next? FULL STORY »

Grain reigns in post-weaning rations

Just-weaned calves still have a lot of growing to do, and rumen development to maximize that growth is critical. Calf experts at Land O’Lakes Purina Feed say recent research suggests that butyric acid — derived from a grain-based diet — is believed to be a key driver in rumen papillae development. FULL STORY »

Distillers grains offer viable feed option for dairy heifers

Dairy producers looking for a high-quality heifer feed that often costs less than traditional corn and soybean feed grains should consider distillers grains, says a Purdue Extension dairy nutrition specialist. FULL STORY »

Post-weaning growth found to be a critical factor for production of mature dairy cattle

Recent research confirms that how a calf is managed from the moment it is born defines how much she will produce as a lactating dairy cow with the most profit potential. FULL STORY »

Step up calf nutrition in cold weather

Falling temperatures can compromise calf growth and health. Make plans now to adjust your calf nutrition. FULL STORY »

New insights on rumen development

A well-developed, fully functional rumen enables cattle to utilize forage for advanced growth, maintain adequate health, efficiently reproduce and produce optimal volumes of milk. However, a dairy calf is not born with a functioning rumen. New research takes a look at the influence early life feeding has on rumen development. FULL STORY »

Dairy replacement heifer management: Paradigms and progress

The goals of dairy replacement management programs are to raise heifers at low economic and environment cost without compromising future lactation performance, said Pat Hoffman at the 2010 DCRC annual meeting in St. Paul, Minnesota. Although multiple management and nutrition programs exist, not all achieve these desired results. FULL STORY »

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