New warm-weather calf starter

Nutritional adjustments for cold stress have become fairly common in calf-rearing. Now there’s an option to fine-tune starter nutrition to compensate for heat stress as well. FULL STORY »

New silage production reference manual

DuPont Pioneer has published a new information-packed resource guide for successfully producing silage. FULL STORY »

Rumen acidosis in calves: Part III

Calf Notes author Dr. Jim Quigley has posted a new article on the effects of rumen acidosis on digestion in calves. It is his third article on the topic of subacute ruminal acidosis (SARA) in dairy calves. FULL STORY »

Webinar covers feed storage design

Here is a recording of the recent Penn State webinar, "Feed Storage & Handling System Design." FULL STORY »

Think forage inventories this spring

Spring is a good time to assess current supplies of forages available on your farm. This podcast offers some timely advice. FULL STORY »

Consequences of inconsistent feed availability

Variable diet quality and increased competition are some of the consequences of not having uniform feed delivery along the entire length of the feed bunk. A new study examines this common problem. FULL STORY »

How much feed are birds eating on your farm?

A survey of dairy farms in three prominent dairy states puts some numbers on feed lost to invasive birds. FULL STORY »

Tips for managing drought-stressed forages

If your hay fields and pastures were in poor condition going into the winter, here are some options to consider this spring. FULL STORY »

A well-fed calf is a healthier calf

Too often, calf raisers feed "a pound a day" of milk replacer because that’s the way it’s always been. Here are some reasons to step it up. FULL STORY »

Limit feeding heifers – bunk space and feeding frequency study

Recent interest in limit feeding heifers led a team of Canadian researchers to explore the impact of varying amounts of bunk space on the behavior and performance of heifers fed this way. FULL STORY »

What to look for in an oral electrolyte product

There are many electrolyte products available, but which ones are the best? Extension veterinarian Michelle Arnold from the University of Kentucky provides advice on the most important characteristics of this life-saving product. FULL STORY »

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