More on SARA in calves

In a previous issue, we shared Dr. Jim Quigley’s work concluding that many young calves suffer from subacute rumen acidosis (SARA). This month, Quigley details how the condition affects digestion, health and growth. FULL STORY »

A look at copper toxicity in heifers

Growing heifers may be more susceptible to chronic copper toxicity than previously thought. Toxicity in young animals also may occur at dietary levels lower than those that induce toxicity in mature Holsteins. FULL STORY »

Focus on good calf growth

Dairy calves need plenty of energy for growth and to build a strong immune system. Freezing conditions divert energy into maintenance, causing calves to fall short of the energy they need for good health and growth. FULL STORY »

What's new in vitamins for dairy cattle?

An eXtension paper takes a look at the latest research on vitamin nutrition of dairy cows and current recommendations. FULL STORY »

Rumen microbiology textbook now online

The textbook provides an overview of rumen microbiology and its role in ruminant nutrition. A PDF can be downloaded for free via the U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center web site. FULL STORY »

Effects of 2012 drought on feeding dairy animals

Here are some answers on how to handle feeding challenges presented by the drought of 2012. FULL STORY »

Rumen development happens gradually

All cattle are ruminants, but newborn calves have non-functioning rumens that develop gradually over approximately the first 84 days of life. A description of this progression and a series of graphics illustrate the process. FULL STORY »

Milk replacer storage tips

The experts at Grober Nutrition Inc. provide advice on successfully storing milk replacer on the farm, to maintain its quality and nutritive value until it is fed to calves. FULL STORY »

Pasteurizer system resource

Is a waste-milk pasteurizing system right for your operation? Are you already feeding pasteurized waste milk but could use some quality improvements? A comprehensive guide on waste-milk pasteurization systems is available as your reference. FULL STORY »

New nutrition e-newsletter

HerdSmart is a monthly electronic newsletter that offers management tips to dairy producers from industry experts. FULL STORY »

Check stored grain for potential problems

A warm spell in January is a good time to check stored grain. The value of the grain stored in a 25,000-bushel bin is about $175,000 at a corn market price of $7 per bushel, $350,000 for soybeans at $14 per bushel and $200,000 for wheat at $8 per bushel. FULL STORY »

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