As a result of the new FDA regulations for medicated milk replacers, many calf raisers are looking for an option to replace the 2:1 combo of Neomycin and Oxytetracycline.

Answers may lie in fatty acid nutrition of calves, says Mark Hill, research nutritionist with Nurture Research, a part of Provimi North America (formerly Akey Nutrition and Research Center).   In five of five expert-reviewed and published trials, the addition of specific functional and essential fatty acids to calf milk replacers reduced the days with scours and improved the growth of baby calves.  Scours were reduced by an average of 23 percent and ranged from 12 percent to 43 percent in the five trials. 

On average, daily gain was improved by 12 percent; frame growth by 15 percent, and feed efficiency by 8 percent.  The different fatty acids supplied from NeoTec4 supplement in these trials have roles in the immune system, muscle and bone growth, intestinal epithelial growth, and pancreatic development.  Calves have consistently responded to these fatty acids in the published research because milk replacers are based on animal fats that are deficient in most of the functional and essential fatty acids.

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