Heifer barns give calf care employees and their charges relief from inclement weather at Wiese Brothers Dairy in Greenleaf, Wis.

The three-sided facilities feature 3-foot x 8-foot individual pens, similar in size to a calf hutch, and roof overhangs that cover much of the front feed apron. The design offers plenty of ventilation and calf comfort. But the bonus is that is also gives employees some comfort, too, in that they are out of the weather. “In order to have protocols followed every day — no matter the weather — people have to have a good work environment,” says Mark Wiese.

Wiese kept this in mind when designing the mixing and cleaning facility, too. The heated building is split in two; one side is for feed mixing and storage, while the other side features plenty of room for power-washing and other cleaning activities, even in winter. This facility enables employees to complete tasks appropriately and easily without interference from other activities or the weather.