Finance Resources from the Coalition of Companies that Care:

Track tax changes
New rural tax education Web site assists farmers, ranchers and ag producers.

Are money woes creating stress?
Here's an emotional stimulus plan.

Proactive farm management with a plan 
A business plan to empower your farm management.

Low-interest loans available for Wisconsin dairy farmers 
New revolving loan program is now accepting applications.

Think like a CFO 
Focus your attention on the financial side of your business.

Prioritize your payments
Here’s some advice as to which bills to pay first when cash-flow is tight.

Disaster recovery assistance available 
The Minnesota Department of Agriculture offers a variety of recovery and assistance programs for farmers impacted by natural disasters.

Survival skills needed 
What does it take to succeed in the dairy industry? Here’s a look at what California dairies have done to make it in times of crisis. 

Financial success: Recovery after bankruptcy
New online course from eXtension.

Control what you can 
It looks like there are few parts of the dairy puzzle we can currently control; operating lines have evaporated and lending options are extremely tight.

Consider tax implications of farm liquidation 
In a forced liquidation, deferred income and pre-paid expenses can contribute to generating a significant tax liability. 

3 business pitfalls to avoid 
Problems that can destroy a business.

Examine your enterprises 
Enterprise budgets can help you transform yourself from an average manager to an elite student of the business. They provide snapshots of what is going on within individual areas of your business. Here’s how to get started. 

Tax preparation tips 
Use these tips to prepare for taxes and take a closer look at the bottom line.

Little foreclosure relief in sight for Wisconsin
It could be at least another year before any improvement is seen.

Use tax time to build your financial security
Working families stand to benefit from tax credits, savings strategies

The credit crunch
Despite signs of an improving economy, it may be difficult to obtain financing as lenders have tightened up loan requirements.

Optimize your finances
The upcoming Dairy Calf and Heifer Association Webinar will provide tips on working with lenders, how to obtain the best possible loan terms and interest rates.

Year-end business considerations
Follow these tips to close the books on 2009 and get ready for 2010.

Tips to deal with the dairy profitability cycle
Use these ideas to prepare now for the next downturn.

Investing for farm families 
Online course helps farmers plan for a secure future.

Guide to bankruptcy 
A guide to Chapter 12 bankruptcy, designed for farms is available.

Keys to economic survival 
Not every business survives economic downturns. But every family can survive with faith and a shared purpose to support one another while they seek solutions.

Is now a good time to transfer your business? 
Economic conditions favor within-family transfers rather than business sales.

Prepare now for zero capital gains tax in 2010 
Talk to your tax advisor now to take advantage of policy changes.

5 profitability factors 
The top dairy producers in the country exhibit these characteristics and excel in these five areas.

Do a better job with financial statements 
A farm financial workshop is now available online to help farmers use financial statements effectively.

Time to take stock of your life
Holding onto your business with all you’ve got takes an incredible amount of energy and resources.

Which 'life cycle' are you in? 
You are here. But where is here? Use your stage in the business life cycle to make decisions for your dairy’s future.

Add family partners with care 
Family ag operations face a common problem: When should you add a family member to the operation?

Financing cash-flow deficits 
This year has certainly been challenging for dairy producers. Milk prices “tanked” in January and have generally not recovered.

6 ways to monitor your financial position 
Low milk prices, high feed cost and high general input cost pose a triple threat to your operation in 2009.

The agricultural credit situation 
Serious problems that developed in the agricultural credit situation in 2009 could escalate in 2010–2011.

Help for struggling farmers 
Minnesota Farmer Assistance Network provides financial guidance, technical assistance and mentoring to farm families facing economic hardship.

Farming through difficult times 
The University of Wisconsin extension service has launched a new Web site to help dairy farmers.

Managing Through a Recession: Options for Farm Operators 
After several years of favorable hay prices and generous margins, forage producers are facing a 2009 that looks less than rosy.

A ‘toolbox’ for those facing foreclosure 
With millions of homeowners owing more on their homes than they are worth — and nearly two million homes actually foreclosed in the first half of the year — a new industry has sprung up – mortgage modification help.

Help for dealing with the dairy situation slated 
This is a turbulent, trying time for the U.S. dairy industry, with the dynamics

Things will get better, just not yet
When they descend down the Rockies on Interstate 70 east, truckers can see the lights of Denver ahead and the road may appear to be flattening out, which can make them optimistic that the long, arduous journey in low gear may be nearing an end.

Webinar series slated to help deal with economic conditions
“Ag in uncertain times” series runs from June through December.

Evaluate your financial health  
When was the last time you assessed your financial health?

When milk prices are low…. Get the most out of your dollars
A client walks up to Lynn Davis, inquiring, “The milk price is going down, isn’t there something we can cut out of the ration?”