Human Capital/Employee Relations Resources from the Coalition of Companies that Care:

Do your employees know what’s out of bounds? 
An animal-handling policy can help ensure that your employees play by the rules of your operation.

Sibling succession also needs a voice 
An evaluation of the business arrangement between two brothers last year illustrates a not-uncommon problem on family farms.

Changing paradigms brings positive results 
You can teach an old dog new tricks.

Think like a CFO
Focus your attention on the financial side of your business.

Can ‘me, me, me’ be good for workplace ‘we’?
Study says employees with an inflated ego may be good in small doses.  

Electronic I-9 rule finalized
Department of Homeland Security says it has addressed specific concerns many employers had expressed during the public comment period.  

Improve family communication 
How can a dairy farm family actually work together each day, but really never communicate with each other? It’s actually easy to do.

Get results by asking the right questions 
What is the most powerful question you have ever been asked? While you may not immediately know the characteristics of a powerful question, it is actually quite easy to recognize one.

Where’s your employee housing agreement? 
Without an employee housing agreement, you are facing potential liability. 

Recruit the best 
Whether it’s taking your football team to the Super Bowl or producing the highest-quality milk, you need to recruit the best. 

When will immigrant workers emerge from the shadows? 
With the nighttime temperature a chilly 16 degrees, those who attended a candlelight vigil for José Obeth Santiz Cruz were bundled up in coats, scarves, hats and gloves.

Leadership test 
While markets have been going down, your job is to keep your employees up.

Get Creative With Compensation
Here are some ways to reward employees for a job well done, no matter the economy.  

Organize your dairy for success
Dairies often undergo significant organizational change. For example, the dairy may expand or diversify, add or remove a major section or practice, such as calf- and heifer-raising, or it may change the very nature by which it operates by becoming more vertically integrated in the food chain.

Do your payroll practices add up?
Unbeknownst to you, there could be holes in your payroll and record-keeping practices.  

Family harmony vs. family conflicts
When family members work together in a multi-generation dairy farm, some families are surrounded by harmony while other families seem to struggle from trying to resolve one conflict after another.

Now is not the time for team cuts
Through this horrible downturn, we’ve all figured out which “extra” services we can cut — an employee here, a feed additive there. Maybe you’ve changed your barn chemicals or teat dip to a less-expensive brand or trimmed the price you’re willing to pay for semen or bulls.

Motivating in this environment 
Getting employees to do their best work — especially under the trying circumstances we are living through right now in our industry — has always been a challenge for managers.

Don’t confuse discipline with performance issues 
Those of you who manage people have undoubtedly had situations where someone is not performing up to expectations. And, you probably have some rules in place to handle situations that are more clear-cut disciplinary.

The power of 10 
I found the book “10-10-10” when looking for employee-motivational materials. Conceived and written by Suzy Welch, this concept provides a framework in which nearly all decisions can be structured.

Cattle Update: Between a rock and a hard place
I spent one summer during my college years working as a student trainee for a lending institution.

'You are not to blame'
Take it from an expert — you are not to blame for the financial problems you are experiencing as a result of falling milk prices. 

What do I tell the children? 
Don’t try to hide things from the children — your body language is already telling them enough with regard to the financial difficulties you are experiencing.

Webinar series slated to help deal with economic conditions
“Ag in uncertain times” series runs from June through December.

Help available for stressed Pa. dairy farmers
Dairy farmers are facing overwhelming odds, especially in these months of low milk prices, the tumbling economy and the regulations they face in trying to feed the world.

Recognize the signs of stress, depression  
Look for the signs and know what to do about them.

Positive solutions to family disagreements
Juggling the demands of a dairy farm, family and personal needs can be quite a challenge. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in your own problems that you fail to communicate effectively.

How to deal with change
Walk into the old wooden barn on Ray Souza’s property and you walk back in time. First of all, it is so quiet, except for some pigeons cooing in the rafters.

How’s your health?
Dairy farming is ranked as one of the most demanding businesses in terms of time and self-commitment, not to mention the possibility of physical injury from animals or equipment.

Is something wrong?  
You could always count on Joe to get calves off to a good start. His attention to detail and his “get the job done right” attitude were some of the attributes that made him your top calf raiser.

Does it show at work?  
A broken relationship. The death of a loved one. Divorce. A chronic health problem. Alcohol or drug abuse.