With less than 2 percent of the population involved in food production, it’s more important than ever to be a proactive advocate for the dairy industry. June Dairy Month and July Ice Cream Month provide great opportunities to celebrate all things dairy — and to visit with your neighbors and other members of your community.

During June Dairy Month and July Ice Cream Month, remember to tell the story about what you do on the farm — how you care for the animals, land and water, while providing safe and wholesome milk to the public. Also, remember that not only do you want to tell people how you care for your animals and the environment, but also to show them. As a reminder:

  • Make sure your animals have adequate, clean bedding and reside in well-ventilated, cool barns.
  • Ensure that your cows have an abundance of fresh food and water available at all times.
  • Have patience with nervous or unruly animals. You never know who is observing you.

Also, please remember to use your consumer-tested messages when speaking to the public.

Source: Dairy Management Inc.