Psychological Resources from the Coalition of Companies that Care:

Are money woes creating stress?
Here's an emotional stimulus plan.

It’s all in the attitude
Minnesota survey shows that a positive attitude can make or break farm business success.

Reconnect with your family  
Workshop for farm families slated for March 11.

Does farming in 2009 have you feeling backed into a corner?  
The Minnesota Farmer Assistance Network might be of help to your business and to you.

Keeping children mentally healthy during difficult times 
As we approach the holidays, we know dairy farm families have lived through low milk prices throughout 2009.

New tool for managing in difficult times
Iowa State University Web site offers a variety of decision-making tools and educational resources.

Gain perspective in the New Year
Wisconsin farmers can participate in a free weekend away from the farm to help them regain perspective, focus on relationships, communication skills and stress management.

Focus on family during stressful times 
Whenever I speak to a farm audience, I remind everyone that farms can be replaced.

'You are not to blame'
Take it from an expert — you are not to blame for the financial problems you are experiencing as a result of falling milk prices. 

What do I tell the children? 
Don’t try to hide things from the children — your body language is already telling them enough with regard to the financial difficulties you are experiencing.

Managing through difficult times 
The past 25 years — with low commodity prices, rapidly escalating farm expenses, shifting global markets, and extreme climatic problems including drought, floods, cold springs, hot summers — have been challenging for Wisconsin farmers.

Hotlines needed as suicide risk increases 
Mental-health care in rural areas is increasingly critical as farms face one of the toughest economic times in recent memory.

Help for dealing with the dairy situation slated 
This is a turbulent, trying time for the U.S. dairy industry, with the dynamics

Recognize the signs of stress, depression  
Look for the signs and know what to do about them.

Evaluate your financial health  
When was the last time you assessed your financial health?

Is something wrong?  
You could always count on Joe to get calves off to a good start. His attention to detail and his “get the job done right” attitude were some of the attributes that made him your top calf raiser.

Does it show at work?  
A broken relationship. The death of a loved one. Divorce. A chronic health problem. Alcohol or drug abuse.