Risk Management Resources from the Coalition of Companies that Care

Enter the mind of a marketer
Here's how to get in the right mind-set to make risk-management decisions.

New risk-management tool 
A new book, “Get Started Marketing Well,” is now available to help educate dairy producers on using risk-management tools. The book discusses key principles to follow and common pitfalls to avoid.

Workshops to teach risk-management strategies 
Workshops to be held in New York in January are designed to help dairy farmers optimize income while minimizing risk during times of volatile milk and commodity prices

Producers cautious heading into 2010 
Risk-management more important than ever.  

Tame the Roller Coaster Ride
When it comes to managing prices, take the following approach to risk-management tools

Prepare now for better times 
Everyone, regardless of what industry you are in, feels the effects of the current economy. Right now the dairy industry is struggling more than ever with low milk prices and high operating expenses.

K-State schedules risk-management conferences
The Risk and Profit Conference will be held Aug. 20-21, 2009, at the K-State Alumni Center in Manhattan, Kan., and is designed to give agricultural producers and affiliated businesses a competitive edge in their operations.

Web site offers risk-management education 
Trading commodities like corn and soybeans can be risky business, even for seasoned traders.

Risk management tools a must 
An unsettled national and world economy in combination with other factors have more than doubled the amount of money at risk for U.S. agricultural producers, says a University of Illinois agricultural economist.

Risk-management online tool available
USDA’s risk management agency (rma) has launched an online resource to aid farmers and ranchers in focusing on how to protect against down-side risks, as well as how best to take advantage of up-side opportunities in the market.

Navigating Uncharted Waters
Rising feed and energy cost, brought on by a new global economy, are cutting into profit margins. The problem won’t be going away anytime soon. Given the permanence of the situation, along with record-high commodity prices, dairy producers are finding themselves navigating in uncharted waters. It will require some new compass points and ways of doing business.  

Every producer should learn to manage price risk 
Each year, I see the level of sophistication within the dairy industry increase as producers learn to take advantage of new resources to help them manage their businesses.

Lock in a cost for feed 
What do we do well?" and "Is it a profitable enterprise?" When John and Pete Kappelman started asking these two questions about 15 years ago, it opened the door to change their dairy farm for the better.

Become a price maker 
In October of 1999, I had a conversation with a distraught and angry dairy producer over milk prices.

A “teachable moment” for using risk-management tools 
Joe works for a company with a 401(k) retirement plan. The plan gives him a number of choices for investing his funds.