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Now is a good time to evaluate your alfalfa stands 
Experts at Pioneer Hi-Bred offer these tips to determine stand quality

Know the score
For top silage, know the score. Trait scores help forage growers select the appropriate corn silage hybrids.

Alfalfa traits you need
Incorporate the traits you need. Breeders are enhancing alfalfa seed varieties with a greater array of favorable attributes.

Drought-tolerant crops developed through modern breeding are key
Drought-tolerant crops developed through modern breeding are key to sustainably increasing production — discussion on opportunities and challenges of maize cultivation under dry conditions.

Evaluate Forage in the Field

Should you let alfalfa stand?

Fall Alfalfa Management Key to Healthy Spring Growth

Dairy Herd Management Articles

Unlocking the secrets of corn plant roots
Researchers are examining corn root complexity and how it impacts corn development.

Save soil and maintain corn yields 
Early research from Iowa State University says both are possible.

6 ways to cut losses from wheel traffic 
Use these management tips to reduce alfalfa yield losses.

Maintain a good relationship between manure and alfalfa 
Use these hints when applying manure to alfalfa fields.  

Revised Purdue forage guide offers new sections 
Updated publication has been enhanced to offer more complete information.

Time alfalfa harvest right 
Use the predictive equations for alfalfa quality to predict optimum dates for first cuttings. 

Reduce yield loss for crops under stress 
Plant researchers are taking a long look at stress in order to improve crop productivity.      

10 practices to increase corn yields 
Use these tips to get the most from your fields this season.

Wet weather delays spring forage plantings
Check out these tips for dealing with the soggy conditions.

Only you can prevent hay fires
Hay fires occur more often within 6 weeks of hay bailing than any other time. Use these tips to prevent hay fires.

Miscanthus can host Western Corn Rootworm 
Perennial grass used for biofuels can support rootworm beetle larvae to adulthood

Emerging alfalfa disease or weird weather?
Mycoleptodiscus crown and root rot has been around since the 1950s, but for some reason, a couple of Midwest forage labs saw in increase of the disease last summer. The affected plants were from new and established fields.

How much water does alfalfa need? 
Producers who irrigate alfalfa need to rely on good strategies.

Manure and forage
Timing is everything when it comes to manure application on forage fields.

How profitable is your alfalfa stand?
Is your alfalfa stand as profitable in the fourth year as it was in the second year? Or vice versa?

Should you shorten alfalfa rotations?
Shorter crop rotations mean great profit per acre for the entire farm due to higher alfalfa yield, higher forage quality, reduced pesticide use, greater nitrogen credits and increased corn yields, say researchers at the University of Wisconsin.

Copper sulfate could be hurting your forages
Copper sulfate use in foot baths is commonplace on many dairy operations. Once emptied, the contents of a foot bath travel through the manure-storage system and onto farm fields.