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Use this tool to figure out the financial implications of feeding higher or lower levels of corn silage.

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Experts say the cost of growing crops is expected to rise.

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Get the facts when selecting 2011 corn hybrids.

Scientists re-sequence six corn varieties (Industry Insider)
Discovery may help determine which genes are responsible for specific traits and lead to improved corn hybrids.

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Results from first comprehensive research program on corn rootworm predators show promising results.

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Crop adviser conference coming soon (Industry Insider)
Annual Indiana Crop Advisor Conference slated for Dec. 14-15 in Indianapolis.

Change farming practices to slow phosphorus runoff (Planting Pointers)
Iowa State University researchers say increased ground cover and no-till practices significantly reduce runoff.

New study shows benefits of Bt corn (Industry Insider)
Area-wide suppression of corn borers using this technology can improve yields and grain quality of even non-Bt varieties.

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