With silage season quickly approaching, it’s important to make sure that key silage management practices are well understood by your silage team. Keeping on top of silage management is critical to dairy operations, both to ensure top quality preserved feeds and safety for employees. Lallemand Animal Nutrition offers handbooks providing information resources across a number of areas, including Key Silage Management Topics and Silage Management Safety handbooks.

The Key Silage Management Topics handbook is a comprehensive guide to managing silage quality from field to feedout.

 “With sections written by experts from industry-leading universities and institutes, it is truly the go-to source for silage management information”, says Bob Charley, PhD, Forage Products Manager, Lallemand Animal Nutrition North America. “This handbook is valuable for anyone involved in silage, whether they are new to managing silage or want a refresher on a specific topic. It is designed to help producers get the maximum value from their forage.”

The Silage Management Safety handbook addresses how to safely work with and around silage – a critical factor that can often be overlooked.

“Silage piles can be dangerous and even silage itself can present a safety concern if there are molds present,” Dr. Charley says. “Some silage safety concerns are not always obvious, but are addressed in this handbook written by Keith and Ruth Bolsen - leaders in championing silage safety issues.”

These handbooks are available in English and Spanish from Lallemand Animal Nutrition and can be requested for free at http://qualitysilage.com/register/.