Forage Production

Winter annuals: A concern in first-cutting alfalfa

Established alfalfa stands that were good going into the fall may now have a lot of weed pressure from winter annuals. FULL STORY »

Weather impact on alfalfa quality assessed by field project

MSU Extension educators have coordinated a short-term field project to assess the effects of this spring’s unusual weather conditions on the growth and quality of alfalfa across Michigan. FULL STORY »

Check fields for alfalfa weevils

A mild winter and early spring have sparked speculation on what may happen with different insects, such as the alfalfa weevil. This early-season pest can reduce hay yields. FULL STORY »

Managing nitrogen in corn this spring

This unseasonably balmy weather has allowed for earlier field work to begin. How does this, coupled with an extremely dry fall, affect your nitrogen management program for corn? FULL STORY »

Freezing temperatures after record warmth may threaten alfalfa

Walk your fields to assess any possible damage to alfalfa stands. FULL STORY »

Mild winter may increase insect, weed pressures

Crop pests may be more abundant in several Midwest farm fields this spring because of what continues to be a mild winter. FULL STORY »

Early weed control in corn

The top five tips for controlling early-season weeds are offered from weed scientists from Minnesota, Nebraska and Illinois. The most competitive weeds in corn will be about 3-4 inches tall when corn reaches the V3-V4 growth stage. FULL STORY »

Unpredictable weather requires proper corn management

There may be no such thing as the "normal" growing conditions that many corn farmers have been longing for after enduring extreme weather in recent years, a Purdue University Extension agronomist says. FULL STORY »

Guide helps to identify crop problems

A pocket guide designed by Purdue University Extension to be an in-field reference for corn and soybean producers is now available. FULL STORY »

Do your forages need more calcium?

Insufficient calcium in plants leads to a breakdown of cell walls and membranes, and to a variety of disease and post-harvest problems. FULL STORY »

Adaptive management for corn nitrogen

Although it is well known that yields depend strongly on N input, the precision on the amount recommended is often less than desired. Adaptive management is an on-going process. No matter how sophisticated, a decision support system needs to be evaluated and adapted to meet the needs of the specific operation. FULL STORY »

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