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Should I remove corn stover this fall?

If you are looking for additional forage, corn stover may be an abundant, potential source. However, determining how much stover can be removed is contingent upon a number of factors. FULL STORY »

Protect yourself from dust and mold

Conditions are ideal for mold growth and dust. Here is some advice for protecting yourself from respiratory problems during harvest. FULL STORY »

2012 corn silage harvest: Are you ready?

Chopping corn at the right moisture level is the most important management factor for making high-quality silage. FULL STORY »

Minimize traffic damage in alfalfa fields

Research shows wheel traffic damage from normal harvesting operations can cause alfalfa yield reductions as high as 80 percent. FULL STORY »

Corn harvesting guidelines

Use this handy online guide to help you decide what to do with corn at various stages of maturity. FULL STORY »

Making corn silage in drought conditions

The primary goal of making corn silage is to preserve as many nutrients in the corn plant as possible, to produce a feed that is acceptable to cows, and to minimize any risks associated with feeding the silage. FULL STORY »

Options for drought-damaged corn fields

Farmers with crops need to check out the options before harvesting a drought-damaged corn field for something other than the grain. FULL STORY »

Quick test for nitrates in cornstalks

Green chopping drought-stressed corn? Here is one option for determining whether nitrate toxicity might be a problem. FULL STORY »

How to deal with feed price volatility

Drought conditions, limited stockpiles of commodities and other factors have led to an increase in feed cost. Here are some ways to manage your ration under the circumstances. FULL STORY »

P and K silage harvest of drought-damaged corn

Corn silage harvest results in more phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) removal than grain alone because almost the entire plant is harvested. The increased amount removed with silage differs for P and K because the relative amount of P and K is different in corn vegetative parts than in grain. FULL STORY »

Drought-stressed corn resources

Here are some resources to help you manage your drought-stressed corn crop, including an overview of its nutritional value. FULL STORY »

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