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Harvest stressed alfalfa before leaf drop occurs

Alfalfa is under severe stress from drought and alfalfa weevil pressure in many parts of Kansas this spring, resulting in stunted growth and damaged leaves FULL STORY »

Forage harvesting spring 2011

To say it bluntly, this weather is for the birds! At a time when forage supplies are becoming low and producers look toward spring harvests of winter small grains and cool season grasses, these unending rain events are seriously affecting dairy and livestock producers. FULL STORY »

PEAQ helps alfalfa producers capture top dollars

With high-quality alfalfa capturing premiums of nearly $50 a ton, it's time for producers to start measuring their alfalfa in order to determine the best time to harvest the first cutting, says Mike Hutjens, University of Illinois professor of animal sciences emeritus. "There is a science to harvesting quality alfalfa hay," Hutjens explains. "It starts with a good, old-fashioned yardstick and a trip to the field, and ends with a little work on the Internet." FULL STORY »

Understand how hay dries to improve forage quality

If you understand and use the biology and physics of how hay dries in the field, you stand a much better chance of harvesting higher quality forages that haven’t been rained on, says Dan Undersander, University of Wisconsin extension agronomist. FULL STORY »

Minimize corn left behind combines

Harvest loss and disease pathogen survival are reminders of the need to check behind the combine for harvest losses. FULL STORY »

Good corn silage harvest practices pay off

Use these hints to help you do a better job. FULL STORY »

Management strategies for high moisture corn when molds are present

Once you have identified and quantified the mold present, contacted your crop insurance agent to discuss potential alternatives for the crop, and the decision has been made that you will proceed to harvest and feed the crop as high moisture corn apply the following strategies. FULL STORY »

Get more mileage from your silage

Dairy producers see benefits from using Pioneer brand 11CFT inoculant. FULL STORY »

Alfalfa – Effective fall management is key to healthy spring growth

Fall alfalfa field management can have a substantial impact on next year’s spring growth and harvest potential. FULL STORY »

Tractor types to achieve desirable packing densities

Pioneer forage experts have traditionally advocated the use of heavy wheeled tractors to get forage fully compressed to achieve an anaerobic, oxygen free environment for ideal fermentation. FULL STORY »

Silage quality starts in the field

Every spring growers plant corn hybrids to cut for silage. Some years the quality is high, some years not so high. Here’s a look at the factors that influence silage quality. FULL STORY »

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