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'Atlas' shows corn gene expression information

Just as a road atlas helps travelers find their way, a new corn atlas will help plant scientists navigate vast amounts of gene expression data from the corn plant, as described in the May 10 issue of The Plant Journal. FULL STORY »

Should you switch corn variety maturity?

Due to recent wet weather across parts of the Corn Belt, growers anxiously await planting the 2011 corn crop. These delays can limit the number of growing days from the crop, prompting questions about switching to earlier hybrids. FULL STORY »

Corn gene provides resistance to multiple diseases

Researchers at North Carolina State University have found a specific gene in corn that appears to be associated with resistance to three important plant leaf diseases. In a paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, NC State plant pathologists and crop scientists pinpoint the gene — glutathione S-transferase — that seems to confer resistance to Southern leaf blight, gray leaf spot and Northern leaf blight, a trio of diseases that cripple corn plants worldwide. FULL STORY »

New spreadsheet helps farmers make wise decisions

It’s decision-making time again for farmers, and the recent wet weather only complicates these issues. Should I delay planting corn? If I do, how will that decision affect the yield later? Should I consider switching from corn to soybeans? FULL STORY »

Drought-tolerant hybrids advance

Drought stress is the primary challenge to high corn yields in North America and most other corn-producing regions of the world. Because drought tolerance in corn hybrids is a complex trait, a multidimensional research strategy is needed to ensure continual improvement. FULL STORY »

The benefit of shorter alfalfa rotations

Producers of alfalfa may be asking whether it’s time to rotate their alfalfa production to another crop. The value of each crop produced should be considered before the decision is made for the 2011 crop, suggests Phil Kaatz, Michigan State University extension forage educator. FULL STORY »

New tool to calculate hay prices

With the large increase in corn prices lately, some hay producers are asking what minimum hay price they need to match varying corn prices. This Excel spreadsheet from the University of Wisconsin’s Center for Dairy Profitability will help answer this question. FULL STORY »

Don’t forget to manage micronutrients

Because of higher yields, higher commodity prices and higher costs of crop inputs, growers are reviewing all potential barriers to crop growth and production, including micronutrient deficiencies. Check out this edition of Pioneer Hi-Bred’s Crop Insights that discusses general micronutrient requirements, deficiency symptoms, soil and plant sampling and fertilization practices. FULL STORY »

Will corn following corn face issues this year?

The 2010 season was a disappointing one for corn growers in many parts of Illinois, says University of Illinois Extension agronomist Emerson Nafziger. With a statewide average yield of only 157 bushels per acre, just 4.2 bushels higher than the U.S. average, and the third-worst yield in the past decade, many Illinois producers are hoping for a more bountiful 2011. FULL STORY »

Should you try twin-row corn?

Twin-row corn has gained interest as a way to potentially increase yields without some of the difficulties and costs of switching to narrow rows. For this reason, Pioneer Hi-Bred conducted extensive on-farm research in 2010 comparing yield in twin and 30-inch rows. FULL STORY »

Maximize corn and water investments

While irrigation has significantly enhanced corn production, concern is increasing regarding declining water resources and the future sustainability of many irrigated corn acres in the U.S. For this reason, improving management practices under declining water supplies is critical. FULL STORY »

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