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ISU study shows corn yield jump using erosion-slowing cover crops

The most recent annual results from a four-year Iowa State University study on using cover crops between rows of corn reveals that higher yields - by as much as 10 percent - are possible using the soil-saving approach to farming. FULL STORY »

Things to consider for spring forage management

Think spring! It can be one of the busiest and most important seasons in terms of determining this year’s plans for sustainable and profitable production. FULL STORY »

Gene helps with leaf diseases in corn

Agricultural Research Service scientists and university colleagues have found a specific gene in corn that seems to confer resistance to three common leaf diseases. FULL STORY »

New alternative energy source identified

A new University of Illinois study shows Miscanthus x giganteus (M. x giganteus) is a strong contender in the race to find the next source of ethanol if appropriate growing conditions are identified. FULL STORY »

Diseases of red clover and birdsfoot trefoil

Productivity and stand longevity, as well as forage quality, can be affected by common diseases in many Michigan hay fields and pastures. FULL STORY »

Corn defenses probed for new pest-fighting clues

A clearer picture of corn’s biochemical responses to insect and fungal attacks is emerging, thanks to new findings from the USDA's Agricultural Research Service. FULL STORY »

Discovery creates new blueprint for drought tolerant crops

A team of plant cell biologists has discovered how to rewire this cellular machinery to heighten the plants’ stress response – a finding that can be used to engineer crops to give them a better shot at surviving and displaying increased yield under drought conditions. FULL STORY »

Researchers make strides in improving plant digestibility

A recent breakthrough at The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation holds the potential to produce plants that are more digestible for animals and better suited for biofuel production. FULL STORY »

Gain knowledge on stem diseases of alfalfa

This second of three articles on alfalfa diseases gives a brief look at common stem diseases, which can cause loss of vigor and reduction in yield and quality. FULL STORY »

Factors to consider when buying high quality forage seed

One of the most important factors affecting successful forage establishment begins with purchasing high quality forage seed. FULL STORY »

Developing corn for long-term sustainability

DuPont and Plant Sensory Systems have entered into a collaboration to evaluate proprietary genes for increasing nitrogen use efficiency in corn. FULL STORY »

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