Ration Management

Estimate the cost of corn silage in your ration

Use this tool to figure out the financial implications of feeding higher or lower levels of corn silage. FULL STORY »

A new way to test alfalfa

Researchers propose a new approach to measuring pure stand alfalfa hay quality. FULL STORY »

Reducing lignin, improving performance

Pioneer is working with three organizations to increase alfalfa cell wall digestibility and improve alfalfa nutrient utilization in cattle. FULL STORY »

For top silage, know the score

For top silage, know the score. Trait scores help forage growers select the appropriate corn silage hybrids. FULL STORY »

Inoculant benefits

Growers cite inoculant benefits — advantages of 11CFT inoculant are apparent in their operations. FULL STORY »

Management strategies for high moisture corn when molds are present

Once you have identified and quantified the mold present, contacted your crop insurance agent to discuss potential alternatives for the crop, and the decision has been made that you will proceed to harvest and feed the crop as high moisture corn apply the following strategies. FULL STORY »

The right silage corn for every acre


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