Silage Management

Inoculant benefits

Growers cite inoculant benefits — advantages of 11CFT inoculant are apparent in their operations. FULL STORY »

Bunker set up and management

Bunker management can have a serious impact on the nutritional value of silage. Most management revolves around keeping oxygen out of the forage mass. Paul Porter, Pioneer dairy specialist, looks at some keys to bunker management. FULL STORY »

Why use inoculants

The most important thing a quality inoculant can do is maintain or retain more of the forage that is put in a bunker. Paul Porter, Pioneer Hi-Bred dairy specialist, says that improvement in dry matter recovery can add up to some substantial dollars. FULL STORY »

Pioneer Hi-Bred announces new inoculant platform

Grass fiber technology, inoculant 11GFT, offers producers higher forage performance. FULL STORY »

Inoculants for all occasions

Pioneer offers a range of crop-specific inoculants to meet individual customer needs. FULL STORY »

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