If ever a dairy producer were to post a “wanted” poster for the ideal dairy cow, she would produce large volumes of high-quality milk, remain healthy through the most trying time of her life—the transition period—and be able to be bred back in a timely manner. However, these three factors—production, reproduction and transition—often translate to conflicting performance in the fresh pen, which has direct and defined implications on future reproductive performance.

When it comes to the fresh cow, we are focused on two major areas to ensure reproductive performance is optimized: the transition period and uterine health. Research continues to demonstrate just how critical the transition period—the three weeks before through the three weeks after calving—and the status of the uterus are for future reproductive success.

Read more to learn which risk factors researchers have identified that directly impact performance and for tips to make adjustments to reduce disease and improve the transition period. 

Source: Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council