How do I know the prevalence of bovine leukosis in my herd?

Maybe you know that some cows in your herd have been infected with bovine leukemia virus (BLV), but how widespread is it? BLV-infected animals may be less able to mount an immune response to pathogen exposure. FULL STORY »

Transition heat stress

Heat stress on dairy cows is always a concern. It can be extra discomforting to cows “in transition” during those three or so weeks ahead of calving. FULL STORY »

Treatment protocols: Protect yourself and improve animal care

The use of antibiotics and analgesics (pain medication) in the dairy industry is coming under increased scrutiny by regulators. FULL STORY »

Revisiting transition cow problems and their impact

Field surveys show that more than 50 percent of cows will experience one or more metabolic or infectious disease process following calving. FULL STORY »

Wanted: High-producing, healthy fresh cows with excellent reproduction

If ever a dairy producer were to post a “wanted” poster for the ideal dairy cow, she would produce large volumes of high-quality milk, remain healthy through the most trying time of her life—the transition period—and be able to be bred back in a timely manner. However, these three factors—production, reproduction and transition—often translate to conflicting performance in the fresh pen, which has direct and defined implications on future reproductive performance. FULL STORY »

Get your free Johne’s disease control booklet

Want to learn more about Johne’s disease prevention and control? Then request this new 16-page booklet available from the National Johne’s Education Initiative and the National Institute for Animal Agriculture. FULL STORY »

Salmonella spreads via many routes

Salmonella bacteria can be found on virtually all dairies, regardless of region. Whether it starts as an undetected presence or causes a major disease outbreak depends greatly upon the exposure level of Salmonella organisms to animals. FULL STORY »

Salmonella thrives in warm climates

While Salmonella is a major concern for dairies across the country, it is especially challenging for Western and Southern operations, where the warmth-loving bacteria can grow. FULL STORY »

Helping control Salmonella in the fresh pen is critical to disease prevention

Salmonella is a pervasive bacterium that is difficult to keep away from the dairy. While most dairies have some level of presence, each individual animal will have a different ability to fight off the disease before breaking with clinical symptoms. FULL STORY »

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