Chalking shows status of fresh cows

Use this example to help you develop your own chalking system for tracking cow health. FULL STORY »

10 reasons to temp cows

Producers who have started daily temping programs for just-fresh cows rave about the results. FULL STORY »

Minimize summer fresh-cow problems

Each summer, I find myself working with producers on the problems that occur when cows and heifers freshen during the heat and humidity that we have in south Georgia. Some fresh-cow problems are always present, but during this time of year the incidence of metritis, ketosis, displaced abomasum (DA) or cows off feed increases. To minimize problems, several areas need to be addressed. FULL STORY »

Rumen pump delivers fresh-cow solution

A 55-gallon barrel and 0.3-horsepower submersible pump is used to deliver a fresh-cow mixture to all fresh cows at Schmidt’s Ponderosa in Bonduel, Wis. FULL STORY »

Feeding strategies to tweak fresh-cow intake

Use these techniques to promote optimum dry matter intake during the first three weeks after calving. FULL STORY »

Fresh-cow problems steal profits

In the first 30 days of lactation, fresh-cow disorders cost you $383 per 100 cows in lost milk production alone. FULL STORY »

Fresh cow feed intake goals

Dry matter intake should peak about eight to 10 weeks after calving, says Bill Weiss, dairy nutritionist at Ohio State University. If peak dry matter intake is delayed, it impacts milk production and reproductive performance. FULL STORY »

Protect fresh cow health

When cows freshen on your dairy, where do you milk them? That’s the question Charlene McLauchlan, technical services veterinarian with Monsanto Dairy Business, poses to producers. FULL STORY »

Milk fever

Low blood calcium often leads to ketosis, metritis, displaced abomasum and other common fresh cow problems. Use these steps to find it in your herd. FULL STORY »

Avert fresh-cow disorders

Don't let a cascade of fresh-cow health problems rob your herd of potential profits. FULL STORY »

Early-warning system for fresh cows

Kurt Stellingwerf, herdsman at Petter Dairy in Buhl, Idaho, can tell the history of a newly-fresh cow by examining her tail chalk pattern. FULL STORY »

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