Red tape may be slowing dairy growth

How much time does it take you to cut through red tape in your locale? The answer could be the reason your region is thriving or diving in terms of dairy farm investment. FULL STORY »

Late calf/dam separation puts calves in bad mood

Separating calves from their dam late gives them an attitude similar to dehorning, according to new research from the University of British Columbia (UBC). FULL STORY »

10 essential rules for building a compost bedded pack barn

What follows is a list of the most important design features we want to see in a compost bedded pack barn. FULL STORY »

Can genomics, OPU and IVF take the industry to the 'next level?'

Artificial insemination has been around for more than 75 years. Gary Hennip with Penn State Dairy Extension suggests that new technologies may soon be replacing A.I. as the primary means of dairy genetic advancement. FULL STORY »

Ag leaders ask for public support to meet imminent challenges

Public investment in agricultural research has declined in the past three years, leading current and former USDA officials to question the role of the U.S. in meeting growing world food demands. FULL STORY »

Farmers’ deaths provide impetus for manure pit safety study

A Pennsylvania dairyman died last month while trying to unclog a pump in his dairy’s manure pit, and now researchers hope to find solutions to prevent such tragedies from happening. FULL STORY »

The cow of the future Play video

At the World Dairy Expo, Juan Tricarico, PhD, with the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy, discusses the “Cow of the Future” project, and the veterinarian’s role in the program, which focuses on measuring, maintaining and promoting long-term sustainability in dairy production. FULL STORY »

Tornado plows through Iowa dairy

A dairy near Salix, Iowa, is left picking up the pieces after being in the direct path of a tornado last week. FULL STORY »

Tale of 2 farmers: Harvest, the farm bill and political paralysis

Autumn in farm country brings with it the roar of combines lumbering across America’s farm fields. It’s harvest season and across the land, farmers are hard at work bringing in the bounty of what, in many areas, amounts to a “pretty good year.” FULL STORY »

Utah stray voltage trial begins

Opening testimony opened this week as lawyers for six Millard County dairy farms try to convince a jury that stray voltage from a local power plant is harming their herds. FULL STORY »

Environmentalists file suit over easing of CAFO regs in New York

A coalition of environmental organizations is suing the New York Department of Environmental Conservation over dairy farm regulations intended to bolster to the state’s yogurt industry. FULL STORY »

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